Lakeside Lounges

Lakeside lounges with stunning views, seating up to 90 guests.
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Discover the perfect blend of comfort and functionality in our lakeside lounges, offering stunning views of the lake and creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere. These lounges feature plush carpeting and are equipped with air conditioning to ensure a comfortable experience.

In a theater-style arrangement, the lounges can accommodate 90 people, or they can be divided into two smaller rooms, each seating 40 people. The East and West side wings of the lounges add a unique touch to the space, providing versatile options for hosting events.

Both rooms have outside access, leading to a patio area with outdoor seating, offering a refreshing space for breaks or networking. The West lakeside lounge is equipped with a TV and can be easily connected to a laptop via an HDMI connection for presentations. Additionally, both the East and West side wings have access to a whiteboard, portable microphone, and speaker to facilitate effective communication during meetings.

The combined area of the lounges is 120m2, or they can be utilised individually, with each room measuring 60m2.