Catalyst seeks to provide a foundation to both identify and form emerging leaders
for both marketplace and ministry leadership.

We believe the church should be involved in the development of disciples for both the marketplace and the ministry platform – as the renewal of the church and planting of new Churches will need both.

We passionately believe the game-changers, pioneers, entrepreneurs, revivalists, change agents, the leaders of tomorrow should be the disciples of Jesus today.

‘The central question is, Are the leaders of the future truly men and women of God, people with an ardent desire to dwell in God’s presence, to listen to God’s voice, to look at God’s beauty, to touch God’s incarnate Word and to taste fully God’s infinite goodness.’

Henri Nouwen

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Phase 1

Knowing God

A journey into the Biblical story and theology of God and existence.

Phase 2

Being a disciple

An understanding of the revolutionary rhythms and practises of an apprenticeship to Jesus.

Phase 3

Leading with Wisdom and Courage

Outworking how our knowledge and rhythms can bring influence and transformation to the world around us.