Scalable theatre-stlye venue with seating for up to 900 featuring industry-standard live and broadcast production.
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Featuring state of the art cutting-edge live and broadcast production infrastructure, our venue is designed to be flexible, accommodating both intimate gatherings and large-scale conferences or productions, complete with high-definition live broadcast capabilities. The central section of the auditorium comfortably seats 460 people, complemented by two additional wings, each with a capacity of 275 people, resulting in a combined space capable of hosting up to 900 attendees.

Each wing is equipped with operable partitions, allowing for sound-isolated rooms that are perfect for a diverse range of events. From more intimate gatherings to conference breakouts, weddings, funerals, and beyond, our venue is adaptable to suit your event needs. The main stage, stretching 10 meters, is complemented by a 5x5m x 3m LED screen, ensuring a dynamic and engaging visual experience. The venue also features in-room air conditioning and overflow audiovisual capabilities that extend to parents' rooms and the foyer.

For added convenience, a green room with serene lake views, along with dedicated toilets and showers, is provided for presenters, performers, or guests. The venue's automatic blinds offer the flexibility to showcase the surrounding water views or create a studio-style broadcast lighting setup. Moreover, the courtyard, seamlessly connected to the foyer, has the capacity to host approximately 1000 people, providing an excellent outdoor space for various events and gatherings. From corporate conferences to weddings and beyond, our venue is equipped to bring your vision to life.


- Claire Brothers Point Source Speakers
- Digico Quantum 225 Audio Console
- Klang Wireless In Ear Monitoring
- Wireless Handheld and Headset Microphones


- 5.5m x 3m LED wall
- Confidence monitors for presenters
- Flexible video routing throughout venue


- Full coverage fixed LED fresnels
- Moving LED fixtures


- 6K cameras with versatile cinema and mirrorless lenses
- 4K 4 Mix Engine Vision Switcher
- 4K Recording and Streaming
- ProTools Multitrack Audio Recording and Broadcast Audio


- Fully enclosed drum kit

- Kawai grand piano

- Digital piano controllers

- Contact us for a detailed quote and additional production infrastructure