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Who is Missing at Your Table?

November 12, 2023
Join us for a powerful message in the "Dinner With Jesus" series, as Ps. Ori Zacher delivers a sermon titled "Who is Missing at Your Table?" In this compelling exploration of Luke 19:1-10, Ps. Ori will specifically focus on the impactful theme of inviting others to our table, drawing inspiration from the transformative encounter between Jesus and Zacchaeus. Delving into the themes of redemption, grace, and hospitality, Ori will inspire us to consider the significance of our own tables. Through the lens of Zacchaeus' story, we'll explore the profound impact of extending an invitation and making space for those who may feel marginalised or overlooked. This sermon invites us to reflect on the question: Who is missing from our tables, and how can we emulate the hospitality of Jesus in our own lives? Ori will guide us through a thought-provoking journey, encouraging us to open our hearts and tables to those who may need the transformative touch of divine connection. We hope and pray this message is a blessing to you! For more information about Newlife head to https://www.church.nu or follow us: Facebook: https://facebook.com/newlifegoldcoast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/newlifegoldcoast

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