The Affection We Receive

April 21, 2024
Join us for the final message of our Psalm 23 series with Pastor Ori Zacher as we explore the rich themes of verses 5-6. In this captivating sermon, we delve into the overwhelming grace and mercy that overflow from our loving Shepherd. With profound insight and heartfelt passion, Pastor Ori unpacks the assurance we find in God's unchanging character amidst life's ever-changing circumstances. While looking at the heart cry of David's writing, discover the transformative power of our relationship with God as we, like David experience His abundant presence and provision in every season of life. Explore the depths of God's goodness and the lavishness of His love as we navigate through moments of crisis and abundance alike. Through a reflection on the Shepherd's table and overflowing cup, gain a deeper understanding of the richness of life found in intimate communion with God. Don't miss this inspiring message that will fill your heart with confidence and joy as you embrace the affectionate care of our Shepherd. Tune in and let Psalm 23 guide you towards a life of abundance and fulfilment in God's everlasting love. We pray this message encourages you as we apprentice to become more like Jesus. –––––––––––––– We’d love to hear from you!

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