Submission to Authority

September 3, 2023
Join us for Week 4 of our transformative series, "1 Peter: Hope in the Midst of Suffering," at Newlife Church! In this insightful sermon, Pastor Michael Hands delves into the theme of "Submission to Authority" based on 1 Peter. Discover how as Christians, we are like pilgrims in this world, journeying towards another Kingdom. Explore the profound concept of being called to do good while submitting to God through obedience to government and masters. Understand how this submission becomes a powerful witness to God's grace in our lives. This message will inspire you to live out your faith in practical ways, demonstrating God's love through your submission and obedience. Subscribe now for more empowering messages that guide you on your journey as a disciple of Christ in this world, looking towards the eternal Kingdom to come. We hope and pray this message is a blessing to you!

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