Response to Evil

September 17, 2023
Join us for the next powerful instalment of our series, "1 Peter: Hope in the Midst of Suffering" We're honoured to welcome guest speaker Rev. Noah Kim from Paradise Point Uniting Church, who will guide us through 1 Peter 3:13-17 with a sermon titled "Response to Evil." In this thought-provoking message, we'll explore how we, as Christians, can respond to evil in a world often filled with challenges and adversity. Rev. Kim will provide deep insights and practical wisdom on how to navigate these difficult situations with faith and grace. This sermon is a must-watch for anyone seeking guidance on how to live out their faith in a world where evil can often seem prevalent. Whether you're a regular member of our congregation or joining us for the first time, we hope and pray that this message is a blessing to you in your discipleship journey! We hope and pray this message is a blessing to you!

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