Psalm 23: The Comfort We Need

April 7, 2024
Join us for the kickoff of our Psalm 23 series with Pastor Anna Couston as she delves into the comforting truths found in verses 1-3. In this powerful message, we explore the rejuvenating refreshment provided for our souls by our loving Shepherd. Through an exploration of our desires and worldly wants, Anna illuminates the path to true satisfaction found only in God. Discover the key ministry of the Shepherd and uncover the profound significance of God's guidance towards righteousness. As we journey through Psalm 23, we're challenged to examine our deepest desires and recognise that ultimate fulfilment can only be found in our relationship with God. Don't miss this insightful sermon that will inspire you to seek refuge in the comforting embrace of our Shepherd, finding solace and satisfaction beyond measure. We pray this message encourages you as we apprentice to become more like Jesus. –––––––––––––– We’d love to hear from you!

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