Promise of Love

December 3, 2023
This is a message by Rev. Brad Foote from our Advent series, we hope and pray it’s been a blessing to you. – Newlife Church is one family, many churches and we exist to simply see more people more like Jesus by planting and leading thriving local churches. You’ve joined us for our Advent series. Advent is not merely a time where we celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ, but rather a moment where we eagerly anticipate the return of our King. This series aims to use the Old Testament prophecies to remind us of the good news of not only Jesus’ birth, but of his reign and the moment he will come again. To find out more about our Christmas services, head to, but for now, enjoy the message. We pray that this message is a blessing. – We’d love to hear from you! Facebook: Instagram: For more information about Newlife head to

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