Dinner with Mary & Martha

November 5, 2023
Join us for the third instalment of the "Dinner With Jesus" series, as Rev. Michael Hands delves into the timeless story of Mary and Martha. In this compelling message, Michael will guide us through Luke 10:38-42, where we witness the contrasting responses of two sisters as they welcome Jesus into their home. The narrative unfolds to reveal not just a physical meal but a profound spiritual encounter with the Saviour. We'll explore together the themes of presence and priority, unraveling the spiritual significance of Mary's choice to sit at Jesus' feet while Martha busied herself with preparations. Through this familiar account, we'll gain insights into the transformative power of choosing the "better portion" in our own lives—prioritising intimate connection with Jesus over the distractions of busyness. Don't miss this opportunity to glean profound insights into the dynamics of worship, hospitality, and the transformative power of simply being in the presence of the Master. Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of a "Dinner With Jesus," and let the story of Mary and Martha inspire a deeper connection with the One who calls us to feast on His presence. We hope and pray this message is a blessing to you!

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