Bought at a Price

August 20, 2023
Welcome to week 2 of our 8 week series in 1 Peter. In this instalment, join us for an enlightening sermon by Ps. Anna Couston, delving into 1 Peter 1:13-21. Titled "Bought at a Price," this message invites us to reflect on the profound truth that we were bought at a price more precious than gold—the sacrifice of Christ. As we journey through the text, Ps. Anna guides us to understand the incredible value we hold in God's eyes. This sermon inspires us to embrace transformation, aligning our hearts and minds with God's call to be holy, just as He is holy. Tune in to uncover how this truth empowers us to live lives of purpose and devotion. Don't forget to subscribe for more insightful messages that enrich and empower your faith journey! We hope and pray this service is a blessing to you!

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