Herschell-Adair Family

Stuart and Joanna have both been living and serving as missionaries in Battambang Cambodia for over 15 years.
Battambang Cambodia

Herschell-Adair Family

Stuart and Joanna have both been living and serving as missionaries in Battambang Cambodia for over 15 years. Stuart grew up on the Gold Coast and attended Youth at Newlife Robina before taking off to Cambodia fresh out of high school on what was meant to be a short-term missions trip, lasting just a few months. He fell in love with the people of Cambodia and his heart was moved to share the love of Christ with them. He soon was fluent in the language and went on to do formal studies as a missionary. A few years later, he met Joanna who was also serving as a missionary in Cambodia using her invaluable skills as a midwife to serve the poorest of the poor.

Stu and Jo both serve with the University of the Nations, a Christian organisation that trains and equips young Cambodians in a variety of skills to “go and make disciples of all nations”, including right there in the heart of Cambodia.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Newlife exists to see more people more like Jesus by planting and leading thriving local churches.

Our Vision

Our vision is that by 2027 Newlife will be a movement of renewal in Australia with and through the Uniting Church.

Strategic Priorities

Social Transformation

As we journey together, we will inevitably encounter those in need of assistance. Instead of viewing the vulnerable as a distraction, we understand that helping them is central to our purpose. Reflecting God's heart of mercy and justice, we prioritise the renewal of our communities as a key aspect of our vision. We will achieve this in two ways: by ensuring that every Newlife church is committed to the renewal and transformation of their local community, and by establishing gospel partnerships with diverse cultural local and international communities.

Lighthouse Leadership

As we forge ahead with pioneering and innovation, we recognise that our experience can offer valuable guidance for others within our sphere of influence. Our goal is for Newlife to continue providing resources for renewal to the wider Uniting Church. We aim to achieve this by creating a network of churches for resource sharing and relationship building, as well as establishing a presence on councils within our denomination.

Church Multiplication

Multiplication is an integral part of Newlife's DNA, starting with the multiplication of disciples, which naturally leads to the multiplication of churches. We are dedicated to regularly and consistently planting churches, ensuring that all Newlife churches thrive in areas of evangelism, commitment, community, formation, and mission. To achieve this, we will focus on the regular and consistent planting of churches while maintaining the health and vitality of our existing churches.

Digital Innovation

The message we bring is timeless, but the methods we use must be adaptable to the surrounding conditions. This is why we aim for Newlife to be a national leader in online and digital evangelism strategies. We'll see this through three key ways: Newlife Online will be marked as a thriving Newlife community. We will have meaningful digital presence at all locations. Newlife will develop resources to equip the Australian church in digital evangelism and ministry.

Personal Formation

We firmly believe that our growth during the journey will determine whether we reach our destination. The central question is not about what we will do, but who we will become. That's why one of our strategic priorities focuses on personal formation, which involves discipleship—submitting our heart, soul, mind, and strength to Jesus' way. It's not just about changing our thoughts or behavior, but allowing ourselves to be shaped in His image. We'll achieve this by nurturing a prayerful attitude and developing deliberate discipleship pathways that cultivate leaders in ministry and the marketplace.