Becoming Podcast | Pilot

May 25, 2023
The Becoming Podcast is an inspiring and thought-provoking podcast hosted by Pastor Michael Hands and creative producer Jessica Ter. Together, they aim to guide and support individuals on their spiritual journey, whether they are new to faith, curious about Christianity, or mature Christians seeking to revitalise their relationship with the Lord. Pastor Michael Hands brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a seasoned spiritual leader. His compassionate and relatable approach helps listeners connect with their faith on a deeper level. With his insightful teachings, he addresses common questions, doubts, and challenges faced by those embarking on a spiritual path. Jessica Ter, the creative producer and a recent convert to Christianity, understands the struggles and uncertainties that newcomers to faith encounter. Her personal journey and genuine enthusiasm for sharing the transformative power of Christ make her a relatable and empathetic voice for listeners. Each episode combines deep spiritual insights, practical advice, and relatable anecdotes to create an uplifting and enriching listening experience. By journeying alongside Pastor Michael Hands and Jessica Ter on The Becoming Podcast, listeners can expect to be challenged, inspired, and equipped to grow in their faith. Whether seeking a fresh encounter with God or desiring to help others on their spiritual journey, this podcast serves as a valuable resource for all who want to draw closer to the Lord. Don't forget to like, subscribe and share this episode with a friend!

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