Anointing Sunday

February 4, 2024
Anointing Sunday is an annual rhythm for Newlife Church. Because we believe that repetition is formation, and gospel amnesia is a reality (the spiritual warfare of forgetting who God is, what he has done and therefore called us to be and do). When something was anointed in the bible it was set apart for sacred/holy purposes. When items in the temple were anointed - they were set apart for sacred purposes. When people were anointed - they were set apart for sacred purposes. Because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we now are filled with the Holy Spirit. We have been anointed and set apart because we have been saved, redeemed and empowered. This anointing gives us a new identity and a new purpose. Anointing Sunday is a moment when we are reminded as God’s people of our kingdom identity and kingdom purpose. We have been set apart with a new identity and a kingdom purpose. We pray that this message is a blessing.

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