A Newlife Short course: From Genesis, to Jesus, to New Creation
July 13, 2023

A short course run by David Yates to help people understand the broad themes and narratives of the bible.

This course is completely ONLINE.

Course Overview
This foundational Newlife Short Course is an 8-week course designed for Christians who are somewhat familiar with the Bible and looking to go deeper into Scripture.
Newlife wants to help its members to grow in their discipleship to be more like Jesus. These short courses fill a teaching gap for church members that sits between a rigorous Bible Study and unit at a Theological College. They are non-accredited yet robust with serious study, reading, and homework, but with no exams. They are integrated, accessible, and short, so don't require significant cost and time and can be done at your own pace.

This 101 foundation course will be facilitated online only but it is requested that groups at each Newlife location meet together physically to watch and discuss the online facilitator. Class sizes are limited to 16 maximum in order to allow all to fully participate in discussions.

Course Content
This short course will run participants through selections of the whole Biblical account from Genesis to Jesus to the accounts of the New Creation in Revelation. It will do this by evaluating the Bible as an overarching story that argues for God having a coherent and consistent mission and purpose for the whole of his creation across the whole of Scripture. The core covenants will be emphasised from Adam and Eve to Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, the Major Prophets, and then Jesus first coming and return. If you have been a Christian for a while but not sure how some books of Scripture fit in or if you are a mature Christian and want to take a deeper dive into the Bible, than this foundational course is for you.

Course Attendance and Expectations
There is a curriculum with a Study Guide, questions and set homework for each week (except for the first week which has no pre-reading or homework). Altogether the minimum readings and questions will take between 4-5 hours per week and up to 6-7 hours if you do the full readings and all the activities. You must participate in the first week and it is expected you will attend all sessions. If you miss the first week you will be asked to come back to a future course as it is foundational to understanding and participating in the rest of the course. If you can't commit to the homework requirement for this course nor able to attend week 1 then please wait and rearrange your schedule before you register. We look forward to all members of all Newlife Churches to eventually complete this foundational 101 course.

Commencing 13th July 2023 to 31st August, 2023
From 7:00 - 9:15pm.
Cost $100 per person.

Full payment will be required prior and a link will then be sent to access the platform on which the course will be facilitated.